Terms and Conditions for Arranging Visas to the United Arab Emirates

Types of visa service

-Short-term VISA (validity of 60 days, 30 days for stays within the U.A.E and may be extended).
-long-term VISA (validity of 60 days, stay for up to 90 days within the UAE and may be extended).

Visa Application Requirements:

A colored copy of the passport.
A passport-size photograph.
Arrival, departure and flight details.

Information on visa requirements for those wishing to travel to the U.A.E for meetings, incentives, conferences and demonstrations in the U.A.E or just for sightseeing in Dubai is listed below. However, visa rules and costs are subject to change.

– Exceeding the duration of the visa, as this will lead to arrest and fines.
– All types of visas processing time is 1-5 working days.


1. Visa approval is at the discretion of immigration officials. We can not guarantee that all applications are approved. Once your visa application is submitted to the Immigration Department, the visa application fee is not refundable whether approved or rejected or if the visa is approved but customers are unable to travel to the UAE.
2. The Client shall bear full responsibility for the actions of the Applicant during his visit to the United Arab Emirates and shall cover any fines or fines if they occur (the fine is more than AED 8,000 + the value of the airline ticket).
3. All visa applications are for entry only.
4. We recommend applying for a visa at least 5-7 days before arrival.
5. Immigration business days: Sunday to Thursday only.
6. If the visa application is denied, we will provide proof of rejection from the Immigration Department for reference and registration.
7. Once the visa has been approved, we will send you a copy via email where the visa is applied online. You need to print the visa copy. When you arrive at the airport, you can proceed to the passport control section, without the need for an original copy. For original copies, additional charges apply.
8. After leaving the country, you may need to send the passport page with the exit stamp from Emirates Immigration via e-mail or fax, as proof that you have left the country so we can check in twice. Our online system.
9. For Europe, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, the United States, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Monaco, Monaco, Poland, Portugal and San Marino.

The following nationals can obtain a visa after arrival to the UAE

Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Republic of Moldova, Romania, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, .
America: United States of America.
Oceania / Pacific: Australia, New Zealand.
Asia: Japan, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea.

10 The most common reasons for the rejection of a U.A.E visa:
When applying for a UAE visa, there are 10 common reasons for visa rejection.

1. For females under the age of 24 with no accompanying parents or relatives, you will receive rejection or delay in approving the visa application.
2. You will be refused to apply for a visa in the UAE with a non-skilled career stipulated in the passport such as workers, farmers or service automatically.
3. Handwritten copies of passports from nationalities such as Bangladesh and Pakistan are automatically delivered by the UAE Immigration Service.
4. Applicants who have committed criminal offenses, fraud or conduct in the United Arab Emirates will be automatically refused.
5. Tourist visa previously applied by the applicant who did not enter the country. For approval, PRO should travel from the travel agency or sponsor to the Immigration Service to clear the previous UAE visa. For a tourist visa, it will expire after 60 days.
6. Applicants applying for a work visa submitted by the company but did not enter the country. To obtain approval, PRO of the said company or sponsor must go to the UAE Immigration Service and check the previous employment visa.
7. Previously held a residence visa and left the country without canceling the UAE visa. For approval, PRO will go to immigration and check your previous residence visa.
8. Applicants with the same name, date of birth, etc. will be delayed in obtaining approval or will be rejected.
9. The visa application will be delayed with typographical errors in the name, passport number and occupation code to obtain approval or rejection.
10. When the passport image is unclear when applied in the UAE, migration is usually delayed or will be rejected.

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